Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Sebastian just informed me that I am a "sperment Mom." He and Shelbie are playing the 'sperment game. We just came in from the back yard and 'spermenting with cornstarch and water. How cool to play with, even for a 30 year old mom :)

Sebastian showed an interest in mixing things recently when he mixed...I...uh....mean.. spermentedwith dish soap and water to make magic cleaning stuff, whick inspired him to clean things around the kitchen for about an hour that day. It was so fun. We talked and questioned and pondered.

So today I thought I'd share the cornstarch/water 'sperment I know. They had a blast! After coming in, Sebastian was obviously reminded of his aformentioned 'sperment because he just made up another batch. He and Shelbie are playing a 'sperment game so I've been informed and I have been dubbed the 'sperment Mom, how cool :)

He brought his 'sperment over to me and told me that he tricked Sadie's dirty dish into being clean with his 'sperment. Then he took it outside, to clean I assume. I saw him wander back into the kitchen to stir up another batch. When bringing it back in he asked why people did 'sperments and I asked him why he did. "To clean" he replied with a tone bordering on a polite "duh." "Oh. There must be other reasons why too."

He moved on to ask me if I knew how dirty things "getses" and if I remembered how to use the 'sperment. Of course, I held my tongue and DID NOT say "Who do you think that woman is that buzzes around our house in a cleaning frenzy?" I refrained :) Instead, I choose to be amazed how much pleasure I get from watching my son discover dirtiness in the house and his enjoyment of cleaning and learning! And the best part, how Shelbie and Sebastian are playing together :)

Now I'm being informed we need more 'sperments. Hmmmmm, I've been thinking about that.

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 5, 2007

Getting back at it

I missed a few days. Since I'm creating this to be a regular part of my routine, I'll recap the last few days.

Things have been eventful since my last post. Thursday we met with our group and a mom and kids we had met showed up. Along with them was another set of kids (mother working). Sadie made two new friends that day. They hit it right off. They all ended up going to one girl's house for the evening. I am so happy about us making new friends. Turns out I had some connections with the moms too. Then the girls decided to have a sleepover, but Sadie decided to just go back the next day.

Then Friday Sebastian, Shelbie and I went to grab a bite at McDoo's. They played, I read when I wasn't wanted or needed. After picking Sadie up, we picked up a salad and pizza and headed for GG's (my grandmother) and visited with her.

Saturday we had a suprise visit from my parents and niece, she ended up staying the night. And Stan and I took some time to hang out and just be after the little ones were asleep.

Sunday we got busy around the house and were really productive. Yeah!!!! What a way to start the week. Stan was awesome, he helped me get some things done that I had been itching to do and even more than that. What a guy :)

This morning I'm getting ready to take the kids to my SIL so I can go run an errand. The weather is predicted to be nice and we are ready for that change. We had a cozy fire last night. So we'll probably go to the park. Yippe!