Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving to NC...Oh my!

Well, we have decided to move! My dad, brother, and grandma are going also, so the family is migrating. So much to do! We are going to the Greenville area - Stan and I are taking a trip there soon to check it out since we've never been. I'm so excited to discover that there is an unschooling group there. Yippeee! The kids are all for it too :) More later........

Sebastian and the internet!

Sebastian truly enjoys being online. And I have no idea exactly how much or what all he is learning but I know and trust he is! Some things I can "see" like he has learned to spell his name and then there are other things like all the questions he asks that are prompted by being exposed to new concepts. He is so curious, of course, but he asks questions like there is no tomorrow!
The past few months he has been playing Toontown and Club penguin. Here is a collage we made of CP pics he took. He doesn't play Toontown so much anymore though.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GG is the Queen!

My grandmother (GG) won the beauty contest at her living facility so she got to go to the regional one a couple of hours away. Well, she won that one too! Sadie and Papa went to that one in Little Rock. She didn't win and she was relieved - she was tired of traveling! My dad went with us, which I really enjoyed, and and on the way home we stopped for pizza and then he took us to one of his favorite fishing/swimming spots on the way home.

Devil's Den State Park

Stan took the kids (ours and our friend Olivia) to Devil's Den while I stayed home and cleaned....last October it's out of order. Many will be because I am playing the make-up posting game :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wanting to eat MORE raw foods!

Last summer I decided to try raw foods and see what happened. We saw so many benefits for each of us. Some of the things we ate have become part of our regular menu but we slowly went back to what was easiest. Now that we haven't been doing it pretty much full throttle, Stan and I are wanting to get back to it! Even Sadie is wanting to eat mostly salads. Here are some pics of that glorious time of eating yummy raw foods!