Monday, April 28, 2008

Me too!

Sebastian asked me to help with Club Penguin a couple of days ago. I said yes, of course. And then I found myself having so much fun figuring out the clues for the missions that I found myself playing alone at times.......we were a team. When he would loose focus and need to be active, I would continue playing to find another piece of the puzzle.

Last night, Stan and I were chatting when Sebastian came in the room and asked for help again. We dialouged about where he was in the mission we were trying to conquer. He needed help with throwing the snowballs at the target. He had already found the life preserver, the bucket, the sheet music and befriended the yellow puffle who builds stuff out of snow. Stan looked at me amused and confused...What are you talking about, he said? I explained and told him how much fun we've been having :) I asked Stan if he would help with the snowball throwing since it was a bit challenging. ( I wanted to see if he would figure it out more easily and I would learn something from him.) Oh yea!.....he did it quickly and showed me how to use the intensifier-meter! I think I can throw the snowballs better now...hahaha! We shall see soon!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bub loses tooth

Another lost tooth! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Less moving potential and new job potentials

Circumstances have again steered us back to where we are. Perhaps some day we will move......the potentials are many. It would be fun to live somewhere else just for the experience. But for now, the more we started seeing how things we our families were playing out, and the more recognized how we felt about it just felt "right" to stay here. It Stan is offered a job elsewhere we will weigh our options but for now we are nestled in our comfy spot anticipating more wonderful things to come our way. We've stopped worrying so much about the job search. We know somehow, some way - it will all be okay.

yesterday Stan got a call from Wal-Mart requesting a second interview, this time in person for the type of position he has been wanting all along - Project Manager. We are stoked about that. The interview sounds more like an orientation, going from 7:45 to 2:00 that afternoon. I've never heard of them lasting that long. Perhaps that is a good sign!

Shelbie's 5th Bday :)

Our friends, the Orr girls came over to join us for the celebration. First we had cake and ice cream. Then we took off to go ice skating at the Jones Center. The kids are fearless learning something new I've noticed. They have ice skated maybe 5 times but they were cruising along with determination, enjoying the challenge. For Stan and I, we had more fun watching the kids....those skates hurt feet!

My youngest is five.....geez it goes so fast. I am so glad that I remember to savor the moments at least as often as I do. It is so fun watching my kids develop, change and morph into who they are.