Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Xocai Raw Chocolate - response to comment :)

No, this chocolate is not bitter. It has been made into several products without high heat, thus keeping it raw. Plus all raw ingredients. Yes, nibs would be more bitter definitely.

My husband, Stan, and I just signed up to sell these products and we are so excited to begin to help people regain their health and/or become even healthier. We haven't ever done anything like this but have experienced the benefits personally of a raw diet and know how powerful it is. However, raw chocolate combined with another superfood, acai, is many times more potent than a raw veggie & fruit diet since these two whole foods are the two most antioxidant-dense foods that exist according to research.

Check it out for yourself! www.mxicorp.com/products/ I think you will be amazed :)

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